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Welcome to PowerLinx, Inc. Our mission at PowerLinx is to develop, design and source products to sell to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and selected channels of distribution primarily in North America and South America, plus worldwide..

PowerLinx, Inc. is a leader in the field of power line communications products (PLC). PowerLinx proprietary analog and digital power line technology is at the core of its value proposition. These two transmission technologies allow PowerLinx to take full advantage of a number of exciting and continually expanding market segments. These market segments currently consist of entertainment (audio), networking, security products and vehicle viewing systems. With expertise in analog and digital systems, PowerLinx has combined its technology with extensive sourcing expertise, to provide the most price competitive, quality products to the market. Our products provide the reliability, cost and ease of installation that the customers want in these market segments. This focus on reliability, cost and ease of installation provides PowerLinx with a significant advantage over its competitors.

The Company has also developed manufactured and marketed different kinds of underwater video cameras, lights and accessories for the marine, commercial and consumer retail markets.

Website: www.power-linx.com